Friday Five with Rene Gonzalez

Friday Five with Rene Gonzalez

Photo by Stephan Goettlicher

Rene Gonzalez is one of Miami’s most renowned architects whose work goes beyond just designing buildings. The award-winning architect is noted for his residential and commercial projects beyond his Miami locale each with a focus on material exploration, innovative compositions, and memorable experiences for all who take them in. After earning his Bachelor of Design degree from the University of Florida, Gonzalez received his Master of Architecture degree from UCLA and eventually opened his eponymous firm, Rene Gonzalez Architect, in 1997. Besides the firm’s long list of prestigious awards, their projects have been featured in over 200 publications, from local to global, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, Dwell, Elle Decor, Metropolis, The Robb Report, Wallpaper*, Metropolitan Home, and many more. When not designing, he can be found in the classroom lecturing at UCLA, University of Virginia, University of Florida, University of Miami, Florida International University, Universidad San Francisco de Ecuador, and Universidad Central de Venezuela. Take a look at this week’s Friday Five where Gonzalez shares a mix of modern art, design, scenery, and memories.

Photo by Rene Gonzalez, Tangerine Haze from RGA and Germans Ermičs ‘Sea and Sky’ collaboration

1. View of Biscayne Bay when crossing Venetian causeway in Miami
On a daily basis, the experience of traversing the islands between Miami and Miami Beach during my commute reveals a sequence of views of the bay that amplifies the special environmental qualities of the city and its relationship with the natural landscape.

2. My grandfather’s guayabera shirt
This type of shirt is a very functional and fundamental piece of tropical fashion that has strong cultural ties to Cuba. Traditionally made from linen or cotton with pockets, it is perfect for the heat and also protects against sun. It is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn casually, or in its long-sleeved version, to formal occasions in lieu of a tuxedo.

Photo by Rene Gonzalez

3. Anish Kapoor lamp
This light, produced as a limited-edition piece by the Tate Modern in the early 2000s, creates a sort of fragile tension in its softly flowing shape of a hovering teardrop.

Photo by Rene Gonzalez

4. Robert Melee, Neglected Sober Substitution (2001)
This piece by my friend Robert captures highbrow and lowbrow. Utilizing very ordinary materials – flour pasta noodles painted glossy black – he transforms something from daily life into something sophisticated and glamorous.

Photo by Wright Chicago

5. Arne Jacobson cutlery for Georg Jensen
Designed in 1957, this classic set of eating utensils is both minimal and sculptural. I am drawn to the way something as simple as a spoon can transform the daily activity of dining into a more deeply sensorial experience.

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Titillating Truths About The World Of Porn That You Might Find Hard To Believe

Composite image by DesignTAXI. Background image via Shutterstock

How much do you know about porn? Genres and actor names aside, there’s more than meets the—aroused—eye about the world of adult films.

Sebastian from theCHIVE has written a post listing some of the most curious facts that circle the porn industry.

Read some racy truths below. For more sex-related education, check out this adult webcam platform’s ‘Language Lessons’.

1. More than 35% of internet downloads are pornographic.

Image by Comedy Central via GIPHY

According to ConvententEyes report (Luke, 2010) and Internet Pornography Statistics (Ropelato, 2006), 28,258 internet users view adult content every second. 25% of daily search engine requests and 12% of websites are related to this field.

2. In North Korea, the punishment for watching porn is death.

Image by Quartz via GIPHY

Seong-Hyun Park, a former citizen who left North Korea in 2011, said, “There are people who have been executed by firing squad for watching pornographic videos. They were executed as an example to others, but the removal of a human’s purely instinctive desire is not an easy task… North Korea is probably the only country in the world that executes people for watching pornography.”

Even holding hands is deemed “obscene” in this part of the world.

3. Scholars from the University of Montreal could not conduct a study of men who do not watch porn because they couldn’t find any.

Image by Annie Gugliotta via GIPHY

Professor Professor Simon Louis Lajeunesse had to change the direction of his study when he realized there were no participants to be found.

“We started our research seeking men in their 20s who had never consumed pornography. We couldn’t find any.”

The study was not a huge flop, however. It allowed him to make conclusions about the habits of young men who used pornography.

4. Scientists made porn clips for pandas because they refused to get it on.

Image by Reaction GIFs via GIPHY

Giant pandas are notorious for having an extremely low reproduction rate. “Scientists and zookeepers have resorted to various methods to encourage fornication, including using ‘panda porn’ that helps to increase these cuddly little tumblers’ sexual appetite.” PornHub even chipped in with its recent charitable campaign to help supply more ‘panda porn’ since such videos aren’t “readily available” and most being “of poor quality”.

5. ‘’ was a porn site until 2014.

Image by Look Human via GIPHY

In May 1997, web designer Dan Perisi bought the rights to the ‘’ domain name. He first marketed it as a parody politics site, but later skewed paths.

“I tried to set up a first-class parody news site, and it just didn’t work. Then I saw where people were making money with these adult sites.”

6. One in three women surf porn at least once a week.

Image by Vocativ via GIPHY

Research by Typeform for Marie Claire in 2015 showed that 31% of women watch pornographic material “every week or so”.

[via theCHIVE, images via various sources]

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