BMW Rolls Into the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance With the New Concept Z4

BMW Rolls Into the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance With the New Concept Z4

From the early morning coastal fog cloaking the toothy shoreline of the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance emerges a matte orange visage, the fog parted by the creased silhouette of BMW’s latest expression of design. The BMW Concept Z4 roadster has arrived.

Amid early morning gloom, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design Adrian van Hooydonk points out the dynamic and precise lines raking across the ‘Frozen Energetic Orange’ finish of the Concept Z4.

The Concept Z4 presents itself as the 2-seat distillation of the company’s currently evolving design language – a complement and continuation of the foundation set forth by the recently unveiled Concept 8 Series. Imbued with a similar, though not identical, attention to proportions as the Concept 8 – here, BMW aimed for the spirit of a sports car vs. the Concept 8’s more luxury-focused intentions – a muscular dynamism paints the Concept Z4 as a wholly new interpretation of the roadster, demolishing the softer curvilinear silhouettes characterizing previous Z3/Z4 vehicles. It’s like BMW sent the Z4 away for a few months of Crossfit, returning lean, mean, and chiseled with muscle in a state of perpetual tension.

The roadster’s downward predatory front is bookended by a pair of large intakes that continue onward through and out to the car’s cheshire cat wide rear, punctuated by two angular exhausts mirroring the Z4’s sideview mirrors, dash detailing, and center console display framing.

In person, the Concept Z4’s angularity communicates both lateral movement of motion with the perception of verticality accentuating the car’s low-slung posture. One can identify many sections sharing design DNA with the Concept 8 Series coupe, just reduced and lowered in servitude of driving in intimate contact with the road and the elements.

A notable deviation from the Concept 8 is the vertical placement of the Concept Z4’s stacked LED laser headlamps, positioned for an even more aggressive personality in contrast to its more luxe and larger counterpart.

From Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design:

The BMW Concept Z4 in an all-out driving machine. Stripping the car back to the bare essentials allows the driver to experience all the ingredients of motoring pleasure with supreme directness. This is total freedom on four wheels.

Those who’ve followed news about this highly anticipated announcement undoubtedly have read about the partnership between BMW and their Japanese counterparts at Toyota in co-developing the shared platform underpinning this concept car, alongside an upcoming return of the Toyota Supra. When asked about this pairing of companies, BMW’s Adrian van Hooydonk emphasized each of the company’s design teams worked isolated from each other, only speaking later in passing, mostly to admire each other’s explorations in affirmation, not in co-development.

“The Concept Z4 is through and through an expression of BMW design, a conclusion that could only emerge from our company’s heritage and focus. Toyota’s car will be something entirely different and represent their goals, but this is completely a declaration of BMW design,” explained the always amiable van Hooydonk.

Those seeking specifics about performance will have to make due for now knowing the eventual production vehicle will be a rear-wheel drive partnered with a straight-six engine; thankfully a manual transmission option will be available, allowing roadster aficionados to enjoy driving old school in a very new school ride.

An expansive bonnet stretches out backward to the car’s wide rear fender flares.

The Concept Z4 will most definitely see alterations to its aspirational expression in its journey from concept to production, hopefully with only minimal changes to what we like most about its new aggressive personality. BMW insists this show car is close to what we’ll see racing across roads eventually as a 2019 year model, a definitive teaser rather than a wildly explorative concept. With two-seater roadsters becoming an increasingly rare automotive commodity for sports car enthusiasts, we’re excited the segment will soon be served by a design that promises to look as exciting as it drives.

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The coolest part of Samsung's Note 8 event was its stage


At Samsung’s Unboxed event on Wednesday, the tech giant unveiled its Galaxy Note 8. And sure, the phone seems nice, it probably won’t explode— fine, whatever. 

But could we pause phone chat to talk about the stage for a minute?

The stage at Samsung’s Note 8 event was easily the coolest part of the show. During presentations from Samsung executives, it doubled as a massive screen on which they projected giant 3D-images of floating smartphones. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a giant 6.3-inch screen in a device that feels smaller than a 5.7-inch phone#SamsungUnpacked #note8

— Lance Ulanoff (@LanceUlanoff) August 23, 2017 Read more…

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What We’re Excited for at This Year’s 100% Design Show

What We’re Excited for at This Year’s 100% Design Show

100% Design is the largest trade show in the UK for architects and designers and the cornerstone event of London Design Festival. This year, the show is returning for its 23rd edition in Olympia London from September 20-23. There’s a lot to see and do, as the show is covering five distinct sections: Interiors, Workplace, Kitchens & Bathrooms, Design & Build, and Emerging Brands. If you’re not registered yet, get a ticket here!

Every year, there’s also a theme that gets reflected across the show’s installations, features, talk programs, and show design. This year’s theme is “Elements,” which will cover overarching themes like fundamentals of design to the nitty gritty like the nuts and bolts of a product.

Mairi Helena

Emerging Brands will spotlight the freshest ideas from new, up-and-coming talents. Fun fact: the platform has been the launchpad for leading designers such as Ella Doran, Tom Dixon, and Barber Osgerby! This year exhibitors include Odddot, Thirty Line Design, Mash.T Design Studio, Citradi, and Mairi Helena.



The Workplace section is not one to be missed if you’re fascinated with how design affects productivity, creativity, and the experience of the workplace itself. Design in the workplace is growing globally so you’ll see innovative advances in desks, seating, acoustic panels, storage systems, lighting, and flooring from brands like Alki and Okamura. Swedish designers Lintex will be showcasing their writable surfaces for the first time to a UK market. The Arper Bloggers Lounge will also return for the second year to host informal discussions regarding workplace design.



Mambo Unlimited

Interiors will cover everything from furniture and lighting to fabrics and accessories from brands all over the world. You’ll see mid-century modern and art-deco inspired designs from brands like Mambo Unlimited, Due, and Mullan Lighting, as well as new collections in upholstery, furniture and lighting by Bow and Arrow, Andy Thornton Ltd, and Wooklikes. It’s no surprise that Pad Home, Designheure, Jetclass, and Turnstyle Designs will also be there – they’ve exhibited at every 100% Design since its inception!


Bow & Arrow

Concrete LCDA

Expect to see new advances in the realm of Kitchens and Bathrooms, a space that’s growing due to the demand of the hospitality and interior design trades. Eco-friendly and materials that demonstrate harmony with nature is a trending theme, so you’ll see Esthec Terrace’s sustainable terrace system at the show. You’ll also find new collections in ceramics and tiles from brands like Apicer and Concrete LCDA.



Design & Build is the largest of the five sections and will feature a materials showcase, surface innovations, technology and home automation. Exhibitors include Grestec Tiles, Sky-Frame, Domus Faces, and Ermetika srl, with Timbertherm exhibiting for the first time with its wooden floor heating.

Grestec Tiles

Excited? We definitely are! Be sure to register so you can experience it all. Register here.

For more information, visit you there!

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Girl hilariously turns the tables when her roommate tries to prank her


Roommates can be a real pain, but it helps if you have the same sense of humor. 

Twitter user Alec Ploof left an unusual surprise for his roommate to come home to. He’d laid out an impeccable outfit choice (compete with a bear mask, naturally) and a note reading, “I think you would like nice in this ;)”. 

To Alec’s great surprise, his roommate actually gave the ensemble a shot and served up some looks.  

I left my roommate a surprise and she actually did it

— Alec Ploof (@AlecPloof) August 21, 2017

He was right. It really does work for her. 

The post gained a lot of attention on Twitter from people who thought the prank was absolutely hilarious. And if you want to recreate the look, Alec revealed the secret: Read more…

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A Furniture Collection Inspired by the Leaf Shapes of the Agave Plant

A Furniture Collection Inspired by the Leaf Shapes of the Agave Plant

Mattia Albicini looked to the agave plant’s leaves for inspiration when designing a recent outdoor furniture collection for Italian brand Ethimo. Agave is made of solid teak, the perfect material for outdoors, and it is given a smooth, thin profile complete with a “silky” surface, much like the plant the series is named after.

Agave comprises a collection of chairs and tables that while made for an outdoor setting, they’re easily sophisticated enough to be used indoors. With a 1950s vibe, the pieces feature black metal bases with solid wood seats, backrests, and tabletops. Shallow grooves were incorporated into the designs to ensure that water drains properly.

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Taylor Swift's snake videos aren't so mysterious if you know her beefs


The slithering snake body parts taking center stage on Taylor Swift’s social media feeds this week may seem mysterious, but if you’ve been following the pop star’s beefs, the message is clear.

Swift is turning the symbol her enemies have used to vilify her into marketing gold. You want to call her a snake? Well, watch this snake bite. 

A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Aug 21, 2017 at 8:00am PDT

A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Aug 22, 2017 at 8:00am PDT

Everyone knows something is coming, maybe a single, an album, some sort of announcement, since Swift wiped her social media profiles clean and posted only two grainy snake videos on consecutive days this week. All the speculation has made Swift’s name rattle loudly across the internet.  Read more…

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Someone has stolen a Donald Trump poster from a Dublin bar urinal. Yes, really.


One of the world’s most controversial tributes to Donald Trump is a photo of the president in a urinal in a Dublin bar. 

Adelphi pub on Dublin’s Abbey Street proudly made a statement during the run-up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election, when Trump was just a Republican candidate. 

However, the pub just wrote on Facebook that someone stole Donald from the urinal, and they’re offering a €100 (£92) beer tab as a reward for whoever finds the poster and returns it:

I know, I know, it’s pretty gross but let that sink in for a moment.  Read more…

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Facebook Allows Publishers To Put Logos Next To Headlines For Brand Visibility

Facebook has played its latest card in the assault against fake news, revealing that it will begin to display publisher logos next to links posted on its walls.

Logos will be featured adjacent to content viewable in Facebook’s topical Trending bar as well as in search results on the site – with eventual plans to extend the tool to anywhere people can view news on the platform, meaning logos are likely to feature in users’ news feeds at some point.

Publishers wishing to partake will have to upload their logos to Facebook manually. Adding logos to links will arguably allow readers to better decide what they read and share on Facebook based on the credibility and status of the source. Publishers welcomed the update, with Anna Bateson, chief customer officer at the Guardian, saying it was imperative in the modern digital landscape.

“Helping readers recognise the source of the journalism they’re reading is vital if we are to build and hold trust in the news ecosystem,” she said. “We hope it is a positive sign for progress across a range of other critical issues the industry is discussing with them.”

The initiative was set up amid a furore around fake news in the wake of the US election, and as well as finding ways to crack the issue seeks to liase with news outlets around how Facebook can better meet their journalistic and business needs—rather than compete with them.

[via Mashable, opening image via Facebook]

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