Controversial Logo Designs That Aroused The Graphic Design World

Composite image by DesignTAXI. Left image via Dirty Bird Fried Chicken, right image via Dirty Bird Fried Chicken

All work and no play makes graphic design a dull world. Since logos are a powerful representation of brands, it is a risky move to design one that will elicit extremely strong reactions. Given how fast news spreads nowadays, the repercussion elicited has become even stronger.

Creative Bloq has combed through the logo design sphere and shortlisted 14 of the most controversial moments that have occurred in logo and brand design. While many of these were the result of blindsided work, you can’t help but wonder if some were cheekily created on purpose.

Take a look at highlights from some of the most contentious logo designs and see if you’d like to take this route for brand recognition.

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Airbnb’s new logo is a rorschach test where the only correct answer is vagina.

— S E A M U S (@SeamusCondron) July 16, 2014

Image via Seamus Condron

The new airbnb logo makes sense now! #whoknew #illuminati #everywhere

— DΞRΞK BROWN (@shoelacegraphic) July 17, 2014

Image via shoelacegraphic

When Airbnb rebranded in 2014, its new ‘Bêlo’ logo was an attempt to mark fresh, successful beginnings. Instead, the revamp sparked inspiration for witty and naughty gags set to tickle your funny bone.

The logo left so much room for playful antics that a Tumblr account was created exclusively to poke fun at it. The hilariously explicit remixes have been taken down, but you can still check out some of them here.

Jokes aside, Airbnb’s logo also looks remarkably alike to an old logo from 1975.

Dirty Bird

Composite image by DesignTAXI. Left image via Dirty Bird Fried Chicken, right image via Dirty Bird Fried Chicken

This fried chicken company’s motto could very well be, “Go hard or go home.” Infamously known for its phallic-like logo, one might suspect it was created deliberately.

The brand’s designer Mark James explained, “We were given the name ‘Dirty Bird’ as the brief, and started working on ideas. We looked at the initials, ‘DB’. Then worked with the lowercase ‘db’ linking them to form the shape of a rooster. It’s a graphic representation of a rooster incorporating the initials. It depends on how you look at it.”

Probably to take a jab at the logo’s infamy, the designer even created campaign posters encouraging customers to “Get some cock in”, “Touch My Breast”, and “Touch My Thigh”.

London 2012

As #Rio2016 comes to a close, let’s all remember how the 2012 Olympics logo looked like Lisa Simpson blowing Bart.

— Jared Borislow (@JaredBorislow) August 21, 2016

Image via JaredBorislow

Designed by Wolff Olins, the £400,000 (US$517,000) logo sparked a great amount of furor and was even given the lowest score in a BBC poll. Some highly imaginative netizens likened the logo to an obscene image of ‘Lisa’—from The Simpsons—giving her brother ‘Bart’ fellatio, and it snowballed from there.

University of California

Amazing comparison. via “People still hate the University of California’s new logo.”

— Sarah Kavassalis (@sc_k) December 12, 2012

Image via sc_k

Minimalism doesn’t always work, as shown in this stripped down version of this university’s logo. Designed by an in-house team, the symbol was intended solely for use in communication collaterals, but was later withdrawn due to the uproar.

Click here for 10 more controversial brand and logo designs.

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Man photobombs live TV interview with spectacular Dr. Evil impression


Everyone appreciates a well-timed photobomb.

Whether it’s a smiling horse, a shirtless Justin Trudeau, or even her Majesty the Queen, photobombs are the highest, purest form of internet currency.

Take the man below, for instance. During an interview between Pierre McGuire and Mike Sullivan at Thursday’s Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Washington Capitals game, he found himself centre of the frame.

Rather than quietly ignoring the camera or edging out of shot, though, he decided to do this:

The guy in the first row doing the Dr. Evil impression during Pierre McGuire’s interview with Mike Sullivan is my spirit animal#Pens

— Grady Sas (@GradySas) April 28, 2017 Read more…

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Give Your Friends Nightmares For Life With Japan’s Freaky Cat-Theme Facial Masks

Composite image by DesignTAXI. Images via Gotochi Kitty

It’s known to all that the Japanese revere brands that make strange, inventive products. It’s also not a secret that they love their cats: ‘Hello Kitty’ and the ‘Catbus’ from Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro are true symbols of modern Japan.

If you thought Japanese manufacturers would have run out of weird ideas by now, these horrifying ‘Narikiri Face Pack–Cat’ masks—loosely translated as “transform into the face of a cat”—prove that it’s only the beginning.

The masks are adorable when they’re not in use, and will probably make you smile like a Cheshire cat. But have them on and you’ll be putting your friends and family members in a hissy fit. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a cat worshipped by ancient Egyptians, these masks may not help much.

Terrifying looks aside, these masks work as well as any other in the market. The rose-scented beauty products contain hyaluronic acid and collagen, which promise moisturizing and firming effects that may leave your skin looking like it might be able to survive nine whole lives.

Scroll down to look at some skincare masks that may cause cat-astrophic outcomes in your relationships.

Check out these equally weird products from Japan: an octopus massager that sucks the tension out of your body and pubic hair stencils that let you shave out cute shapes underneath.

Image via Gotochi Kitty

Image via Gotochi Kitty

Image via Gotochi Kitty

Composite image by DesignTAXI. Images via Gotochi Kitty

[via SoraNews24, images via Gotochi Kitty]

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Beatrice Warde Speaks and Type Geeks Listen

So you love type. What designer does not? Type is the jewel in the design crown. It is also the tool that makes us literate. People who write about type are to literacy what the disciples were to the New Testament. And yes, there is a religious intensity about type that type geeks cultivate.

One of the greatest writers in the type bible was (and is) Beatrice Warde (1900–1969). She was an American typographic expert who was the publicity manager for the Monotype Corporation, and editor of the Monotype Recorder and Newsletter for most of her career. She coined the “Crystal Goblet” notion that type is a transparent vessel for meaning.

Her writing could be very accessible but also decidedly for the type nerd vs. the general public. I found this curious manuscript on the history of type published by Common Ground, for which she wrote an introduction. The typewriting is a little hard to read but the words are gems that make it worth it.


histoy of type001


histoy of type002


histoy of type003


The 2017 PRINT RDA: Final Deadline MONDAY!

Enter the most respected competition in graphic design—now open to both pros and students—for a chance to have your work published, win a pass to HOW Design Live, and more. 2017 Judges: Aaron Draplin / Jessica Hische / Pum Lefebure / Ellen LuptonEddie OparaPaula Scher. Student work judges: PRINT editorial & creative director Debbie Millman and PRINT editor-in-chief Zachary Petit.

Draplin image: Leah Nash. Hische: Helena Price. Lupton: Michelle Qureshi. Scher: Ian Roberts.

The post Beatrice Warde Speaks and Type Geeks Listen appeared first on Print Magazine.

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Here's why police were able to illegally access the call logs of a journalist


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that allowing for a privacy invasion might just result in one’s privacy…being invaded.

On Friday, Australian Federal Police (AFP) commissioner Andrew Colvin admitted that an investigator had accessed the call logs of a journalist without getting a warrant first. 

The country’s Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act requires authorities to seek a Journalist Information Warrant before accessing records. Colvin told reporters the breach was a result of “human error.” 

“It should not have occurred. The AFP takes it very seriously and we take full responsibility for a breach of the Act but I also want to say there was no ill will or malice or bad intent by the officers involved who breached the Act,” he said. Read more…

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#EdBallsDay: The greatest internet holiday you're not celebrating


If you’ve ever seen the hashtag #EdBallsDay trending, you may be wondering what it all means.

Who is this famous man, you may be asking, and what exactly did he do to get an entire day named after him?

Well, let’s start with the basics.

Who is Ed Balls?

Here's a picture of Ed Balls pointing at something.

Here’s a picture of Ed Balls pointing at something.

Image: Richard Young/REX/Shutterstock

Pretty much everyone in Britain will recognise the name Ed Balls, but if you’re based elsewhere you may not have heard of him.

In a nutshell, Balls is a British politician who was a Labour MP for 10 years. He also served as Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2011-2015, before he lost his seat in the last general election. Read more…

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Peek Into The Inspiring Spaces Where Creative People Work And Live

[Click here to view the video in this article]

It is always interesting to peek into the intimate living and working spaces of another person, especially if they happen to be a creative.

Australian magazine Frankie has just released Volume 4 of its beloved interior book series, Spaces, where they continue to give us lovely guided tours of creative cribs.

Featuring interviews with the residents of these inspiring homes, studios and offices, this chunky 257-page book is packed with great tips on how to create a unique space that reflect who you are.

According to Frankie, “Everyone might have tidied up a bit, but none of these places have cost a fortune,”.

Watch the book’s promotion video below to view more sample pages—you can purchase it here.

[via Frankie Magazine]

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